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Moment Quick-Thinking Cop Ambushes Motorbike Thief

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

This is the moment a quick-thinking Newcastle cop hides behind a path lamppost to ambush a teenage thief off a stolen motorbike.


The incident was filmed in the city of Newcastle at around 5.30pm on 5th August.

The Northumbria Police said on Facebook: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our very own PC Adam Fegan!

“This the dramatic moment a teenage motorcycle thief met his downfall in the form of our quick-thinking cop.


“The light-fingered 17-year-old was snared by PC Fegan after leading traffic officers on a high speed pursuit through Newcastle in August.

“He had swiped a Honda PCX from outside a Whitley Bay care home, but failed to realise it had been fitted with a tracker.”

The owner tipped police to its whereabouts and motor patrols swooped.


The teenager, who cannot be named as he is under 18, panicked and put his foot down, sparking a cat and mouse chase across Newcastle.

The police said: “Our traffic officers kept on the tail of the motorcyclist with the aid of the National Police Air Force (NPAS) helicopter, but PC Fegan decided to take a different approach.

“Anticipating the direction the thief was travelling, PC Fegan got out of his vehicle and made an attempt to cut off his escape route.


“The thief went off-road in a bid to escape police, riding along a footpath in Burwell Avenue towards the A1… unbeknown to the fact PC Fegan was waiting in the bushes ready to pounce.”

Dramatic footage shows the moment the officer hid behind a lamppost and ambushed the driver before placing him under arrest.

The Northumbria Police said: “On Wednesday (30th September), the teen appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court where he admitted theft of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving, driving without a license and without insurance.


“The 17-year-old was handed a 12-month driving ban but also locked up for 18 months at a youth detention centre.

“We hope this serves as a reminder to those who take what is not theirs to take and for those who believe they are above the law – that us officers will do everything in our power to keep the people of Northumbria safe.”

The investigation was conducted by the police’s Operation Benelli team, a specialist task-force dedicated to targeting those involved in motorcycle crime across the region.

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