Moment Pet Stolen For Dog Fighting Reunited With Owner

Story By:  Sofija DizdarevikSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency:  Newsflash


This is the moment a loving dog hugs her owner when they were reunited a year after she was stolen and sold into the brutal world of illegal dogfighting.

The dog, named Bambi, was stolen from her owner Bojana’s garden in the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, 12 months ago because she is a pit bull, and despite her loving nature, the person that stole her appears to have assumed that she would be suitable as a fighting animal.


In reality, pit bulls are often extremely loving family pets known for being particularly good around children and rarely become aggressive except in the hands of the wrong owner.

It is not clear where Bambi ended up initially after being stolen, or what ordeal she had to go through to prepare her for fighting, but an advertisement offering the pooch was later found on a Facebook page from somebody based in the city.

Animal association ‘Pawsome Enthusiasts’ spotted the advert which was offering the Pit Bull for fights for 100 EUR (88 GBP).

The advert showed the dog chained up with the text: “This dog is on sale for fights. Original Pit Bull. You can see it at any time. It is 11 months old.”

The animal association made a ‘deal’ with the seller, buying the dog for cash, as they saw it as the only way to save the pooch.

The association told local media: “We knew this was the only way the dog wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands.


“The aggression that is often attributed to this breed is quite the opposite of what we experienced when we saw the dog. The sweetest girl in the world only cost us 100 EUR. The routine check-up by a veterinarian revealed that the dog had a chip, so she got her name back – Bambi, and her owner Bojana.”

In the video, the owner can be seen hugging the pooch as they are reunited in a touching moment.

The association added: “We can learn from this that we should never give up. And always chip your pets, because that’s the only way they can find their way back to you in this scenario.”

The organisation said they will report the case to the police.

Pawsome Enthusiasts works in North Macedonia to improve the situation regarding stray animals in the country.

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