Moment Over 30 Tourists And Waiters Have Massive Brawl On Tourist Hotspot Beach Over Pricey Bill

This is the moment over 30 tourists and waiters get into a massive fight on a beach in the tourist hotspot of Acapulco in Mexico after a bill was deemed too expensive to pay.

The footage shows chairs and other beach equipment flying as people shout and hit each other in the large brawl, which took place on La Roqueta Island, which is located just off the coast of Acapulco, in the state of Guerrero, on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The fight involved over 30 people, including about 15 tourists and several waiters, over a bill that was reportedly deemed “excessive”.

Fight between tourists and waiters in Acapulco in December 2021. (CEN)

The police were called and intervened after five people were injured when the group refused to pay its bill, leading to an unnamed tourist allegedly hitting a waiter in the face, which is what started the pitched battle on the small island.

The footage, which was caught by witnesses on their phones, shows chairs, tables, glasses, and other items flying, with the Pacific Ocean in the background. At one point, a waiter can be seen hitting a tourist in the back with a chair.

People can be heard shouting, with many telling the brawlers to calm down, as there are numerous children present.

Fight between tourists and waiters in Acapulco in December 2021. (CEN)

Some of the injured were later taken to hospital to be treated for their wounds. There are no reports on their conditions.

It is currently unclear if any arrests were made. It is also unclear how much the bill was for.