Moment Motorists Buried In Car By Avalanche Are Saved

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Vidos Kazakhstan

This footage shows the rescue of two men trapped inside a car that was hit by a huge avalanche.

The accident took place in the Kostanay Region in southern Kazakhstan when two men called the emergency services saying they had been caught in an avalanche in their car.

It happened during what locals described as the worst weather in a decade.

Official spokesperson for the Emergency Services Committee in Kostanay region, Nursultan Nurakhmetov, said: “A group of rescuers with new equipment were sent to the spot, yet because of the quick change of weather it became difficult to identify the incident’s location.

Picture Credit: CEN/Vidos Kazakhstan

“We later lost connection with the two men so we had no information on their health condition. However, after a whole day of searching, we finally found the men and released them from the snow trap.”

In the video, one of the men is pulled out from under the snow as the wind gusts. The second man then crawls to the opening in the snow and is pulled to safety.

They both get to their feet and appear to be in good health.

Local media report the two unnamed men had initially had issues with their car’s engine. They got outside to try to repair it but the weather changed quickly and so they decided to use the car as shelter.

Reports state that after the rescue operation the men were taken to the nearest village named Aksay to receive help and be warmed up. There are no updates on the condition of the two men.

Chief Inspector of the Department of Information and Organisational Control of the Akim Region Myrzabek Myrzakhmetov said: “As far as I know, the video shows a section of the motorway. I haven’t seen this for about 10 years.

“The roads being partially covered in snow has happened (before), but the entire route being completely sealed off by snow, I don’t ever remember that.”

Snow conditions are reportedly hazardous in Kazakhstan with rescuers recently saving 138 people from under snow traps, including 13 children, in one night.

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