Moment Motorist Gets Out Of Car Unscathed After It Was Crushed Under Lorry

This is the moment a motorist gets out of his crushed car unscathed after it was caught under a lorry trailer.

The footage shows two men prying open the orange car’s crushed door, with the driver then hopping out, apparently uninjured, if a little shaken.

A man can be heard saying in Spanish in the video: “Yes, he is alive!”

Another man can be heard saying: “He’s out, he’s out!”

The motorist, who has not been named, can then be seen standing back and looking at the wreckage in shock.

Other images shot from behind the lorry show the car nearly completely crushed under the large vehicle’s trailer, with another lorry having apparently rear-ended it and also showing signs of damage.

The front of the car is then seen from the other side of the lorry completely destroyed.

Belisario Morales, 45, is rescued after his car was crushed under a lorry, in Tabasco, Mexico, on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. The car that was run over by two trailers and the driver was unharmed. (CEN)

The incident took place on the Frontera-Villahermosa motorway near the town of Santa Cruz, in the Mexican state of Tabasco, on the morning of Tuesday, 16th May.

The police arrived on the scene shortly after the images were filmed and cordoned off the area, according to local media.

Two tow trucks were then used to remove the vehicles on the road.

Local media said that the orange car had been hit by one of the lorries, causing it to become trapped under the other HGV.

The police are understood to be investigating the crash.

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