Moment Kids Slide Down Snow Drift From 1st-Floor Window

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

CEN/Severo-Zapad. MBH media

This is the moment a group of kids take advantage of a huge mound of freshly-laid snow outside their apartment to slide down it front-first from the window.

The incident was filmed in the coal-mining city of Vorkuta in the north-western Russian republic of Komi and the footage was shared on social media by the group ‘Severo Zapad’.

In the video, a huge mound of snow is seen extending up to the family’s window as three kids file out to slide down it front-first.

CEN/Severo-Zapad. MBH media

A man is heard saying: “We are going out of the first-floor window. Now we will go back the same way!”

Vorkuta can often see snowfall up until June before starting afresh in September, according to local media.

Vorkuta is the fourth largest city north of the Arctic Circle. Industrial coal fields by the Vorkuta River were discovered in 1930 by geologist Georgy Chernov.

The origins of the town are associated with Vorkutlag, one of the most notorious Gulag labour camps in the country.

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