Moment Israeli Defence Forces Hit Hamas Assets In Gaza After Six Rockets Fired

These images show Israeli defence forces hitting Hamas assets in a raid on Gazza after six rockets were reportedly fired at southern Israel.

The first piece of footage, obtained from the Israeli police and filmed from the point of view of an Israeli soldier, shows part of an earlier raid in Gaza to arrest a suspect.

Gunfire can be heard in the background as Israeli soldiers storm a building. A rocket can then be seen being fired from a window and hitting a building.

The second piece of footage, obtained from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), shows them manoeuvring in an armoured vehicle and coming under attack from people on the street, who can be seen throwing objects at them.

The third piece of footage shows the IDF attacking Gaza this morning, on Thursday, 23rd February, with the IDF saying (in Hebrew): “Documentation of this morning’s IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip.”

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Israeli police on Wednesday, 22nd February, regarding the first piece of footage, saying (in Hebrew): “Documentation from the helmet cameras – Navy fighters from wanted sites in the alleys of the Kasbah of Nablus.”

A second statement, from the Israel Defence Forces, also obtained on Wednesday, regarding the second piece of footage, said (in English): “SSGT Ido Baruch was murdered by Lion’s Den terrorists on October 11th, 2022.

Photo shows scenes from an operation in Nablus, West Bank, Palestina, undated. The Israel Defense Forces struck Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip, after Palestinian terrorists fired a barrage of rockets at southern Israel. (@IL_police/Newsflash )

“During a counterterrorism activity last week, 2 of the assailants were apprehended in Nablus. This week, 3 wanted suspects were identified by the ISA in a hideout apartment in Nablus.

“After surrounding the building, security forces asked the suspects to turn themselves in. They refused and opened fired at the forces, so the security forces operated to thwart the terrorist squad.

“During attempts to apprehend the terrorists, one of the wanted suspects who fled the building was neutralized by the forces. 2 additional wanted suspects opened fire, initiating an exchange of fire with Israeli forces, during which the two suspects were neutralized.

“Furthermore, suspects hurled rocks, explosive devices & Molotov cocktails at the forces. In the building where the wanted suspects were located, the forces found and confiscated ammunition and two weapons.

“The IDF will continue to operate to counter any terrorist threats.” (sic)