Moment Gunman Blasts 63 Bullets Into Bodyguard And His Armoured BMW

This is the moment a gunman opens fire on a politician’s former bodyguard and shoots 63 bullets into the victim and his armoured BMW.

Glaucio Ferreira was shot dead while leaving his home in the city of Duque de Caxias in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro on the morning of 10th December.

The victim was the former bodyguard for Claudio Thomaz, councillor for the centre-to-centre-right political party Podemos in Duque de Caxias.

Glaucio Ferreira who was murdered with 63 shots in his car in Brazil. (Newsflash)

The gunman arrived on the scene as the victim was leaving his home and reportedly fired 63 times at him and his armoured BMW, killing him on the spot.

In the footage, the victim is seen leaving his home and getting into his vehicle when bullets suddenly riddle the windscreen and the gunman appears on foot, apparently firing an automatic rifle and a handgun.

The police said the gunman used black onyx bullets in the attack and that 63 shots were fired after officers found 51 cases of 5.56-calibre rifle ammunition and twelve .45-calibre pistol cases.

Glaucio Ferreira who was murdered with 63 shots in his car in Brazil. (Newsflash)

The police confirmed that an investigation is underway and called on members of the public to come forwards with any information leading to the arrest of the gunman.

Meanwhile, Claudio Thomaz lamented the death of his friend and former bodyguard on social media.

In just over six months in Duque de Caxias, three councillors have been killed in cold blood by gunmen. The victims have been named as Alexsandro Silva Faria, Joaquim Jose Quinze Santos Alexandre, and Danilo Francisco da Silva, whose 25-year-old son Gabriel da Silva was also killed in the attack.