Moment Gang In Black Repeatedly Stamp On Bikers Head

Story By: Ernest Bio BogoreSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash


This is the shocking moment a gang of thugs pummels a biker on the ground and stamp on his head over several minutes until he appears half-dead on the ground.

The assault was filmed on the Rue du Bourbonnais in the city of Rennes in the north-western French region of Brittany, and the footage was shared on Twitter by a police union where it has been viewed 250,000 times.

The video was accompanied with the message: “For those who ‘victimise’ the rioters of Villeneuve La Garenne, this is the reality in areas where the order of riffraff, allegedly oppressed by the police, replaces public order! Arbitrariness, savagery and terror.”

In the footage, the 21-year-old victim is seen being accosted by four men in black as he returns to his motorbike while wearing a helmet.

He is promptly punched to the ground when several other thugs run over and start laying into the defenceless man.

For nearly two minutes, the victim is pummelled on the ground, with aggressors even repeatedly stamping on his head, until he is left motionless.

In the end, one of the attackers is seen grabbing the victim’s scooter.

An investigation is currently underway and a police source told local media: “Clearly, the blows were meant to kill (the victim).”

However, the victim survived the attack and has reportedly been signed off work for 15 days as he recovers.

Prosecutor Philippe Astruc said: “The motive of the incident is not the theft of the scooter at the scene, it could be linked to neighbourhood rivalries against a backdrop of drug dealing.”

No arrests have been made yet as the investigation continues.

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