Moment Dying Patient Waiting For Surgery Films Drunk Doctors In Russian Hospital

This is the moment a dying patient waiting for an operation allegedly films drunk doctors partying in a Russian hospital.

The incident took place at a hospital in the city of Lesosibirsk, which is located in the Krasnoyarsk Krai region in central Russia when the patient allegedly filmed the doctors engaging in New Year’s Eve revelry.

The footage, which appears to have been filmed discreetly through a glass window appears to show members of staff sitting around, drinking, laughing and kissing.

Dying patient filmed drunken doctors in a Lesosibirsk hospital. (Newsflash)

At one point, a member of staff appears to notice that they are being filmed, with others sitting around the table turning their heads towards the camera as the footage ends.

Local media reports that the patient, who has not been named but who is said to have been waiting for an emergency operation, managed to send the footage to his relatives, also unnamed, before passing away.

The footage was shared on the instant messaging service Telegram, where it reportedly quickly made the rounds. This prompted a reaction from the authorities, who said that they were investigating the situation.

Dying patient filmed drunken doctors in a Lesosibirsk hospital. (Newsflash)

The Russian Ministry of Health said in a statement that the footage had been filmed by the patient’s relatives.

The ministry said: “According to preliminary information of the chief physician of the Lesosibirsk interdistrict hospital, the two events are not related, nevertheless, the Ministry of Health will carefully check everything that happens in this period in the medical institution, including the quality of medical care provided to the patient.”

It is currently unclear what the unnamed patient was suffering from and why they needed an emergency operation.