Moment Drunk Man Smacks Cats Head Against Wall

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This is the moment a reportedly drunk man holding a cat by its rear legs smacks the poor animal against a wall.

The shocking scene was recorded in the neighbourhood of Pamplona Alta in the district of San Juan de Miraflores in the Lima province in western Peru and shows the man hitting it on a wall and stairs after allegedly killing it in front of passersby.

According to witnesses, Pablo Elias Ticona Yanqui, 49, banged the alley cat against the stairs and the wall of a pedestrian area several times while he was visibly drunk.

CEN/Policia Nacional Peru

The footage recorded by a passerby and shared on social media shows the man with the animal already dead in his hands while he argues with two neighbours.

He walks away and smacks the cat’s head on a wall before repeating the cruel act on the stairs.

Local media report the police arrived on the scene and the man threw the cat aside when the officers saw him.

The man was arrested and the car was taken to a veterinary hospital where a vet reportedly certified the animal had died from several injuries to its skull, jaw and spine.

Reports state the Criminal Investigation Department of the local police is investigating the case while Ticon Yanqui remains under police custody.

According to the Peruvian law for animal aggression approved on the 9th of January 2016 the aggressor could face a prison sentence of between three and five years and he could be forbidden to own domestic animals permanently.

No motive has been provided for the crime.

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