Moment Dogs Fill In For Goalie In Championship Match

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This is the moment a futsal player hits the ball towards an empty net in a championship match but finds that two dogs appear to have filled in for the goalie.

The startling incident occurred during the Campeonato Paranaense futsal match between Sao Jose dos Pinhais and Marreco held in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.

In the video, Sao Jose dos Pinhais, who were winning 4-2 at the time, can be seen counter-attacking and their opponents have no goalkeeper.

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Pictures Credit: Golders

The ball is shot towards the bottom corner of the goal but it narrowly misses and hits a black dog, one of two pooches who had run onto the pitch.

The ball rebounds off the pitch and Marreco quickly try to take a goal kick before the match is stopped and the offending dog runs away. 

A Sao Jose player then goes to argue with the referee but the latter apparently claims that the shot was going wide anyway.

Marreco would go on to score two goals and the match finished as a 4-4 draw.

It is unclear if the dogs have owners or if they were strays. However, it is not thought any agents are rushing to sign them up.

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