Moment Cop Saves Suicidal Woman From 19th-Floor Window

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a policeman rushes into a room and snatches a woman threatening to throw herself from a 19th-floor windowsill to safety as she screams.

Policeman Feng Rui, 30, was sent to the multi-storey high-rise in Beijing’s Chaoyang District in the Chinese capital after witnesses reported seeing the unnamed woman sitting on her windowsill on 21st July.

She had reportedly locked her door and failed to respond to arriving rescuers who were calling her name in the corridor outside. 

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/People’s Public Security University of China & AsiaWire

Feng decided the only way was to talk the woman down after the fire service said it was unable to lay down an inflatable rescue cushion on the ground floor due to scaffolding from ongoing maintenance work.

Feng, who is an officer with the Gaobeidian Police Station, had his colleague continue to talk to the woman from a room next door while a locksmith worked on opening her door.

Footage of the rescue shows Feng having changed out of his police uniform and entering the room to find it empty.

He spots the woman sitting outside the window and lunges towards her, grabbing the screaming resident and pulling her back inside with the help of his colleagues.

Feng suffered minor injuries during the rescue, but the woman, who had written the English word ‘freedom’ on her window using her lipstick, was unharmed.

The officer recalled: “We honestly had no idea what to expect after the lock was opened. 

“My colleague was in the next room calling her name in order to distract her. We picked the lock on our side to rescue her.

“It was intuitive. I rushed up, pulled and held on to her.

“It does feel a bit scary rewatching the video now, but not because I was afraid I’d fall off the building too.

“What if I hadn’t reached her? If she had jumped, that would’ve scarred me with guilt for the rest of my life.”

Beijing authorities have not disclosed further information about the resident.

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