Moment Cop Catches Cat As It Flies Out Of Car Window

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

This is the moment a US cop juggles a cat that he caught in midair after it lept out of the window of a car which he had stopped beside a highway to issue a warning to the driver.


The incident was filmed in the US state of Oregon, and the footage was shared on Twitter by the state police on 5th October.

The Oregon State Police said: “You think you’re having a Monday, how do you think he feels.

“Those are some #FastHands, scratched up, but fast. Secure your animals in a car. It isn’t only for driver safety, but pet safety as well.”


In the video, the officer is seen speaking to a driver at the side of the road.

The cop stops mid-sentence as a cat suddenly jumps out of the open car window.

The quick-handed cop however successfully catches the leaping moggy, struggles with it a moment, and then coolly hands it back to the driver through the open window.


The officer then asks the man to “roll the window up” before advising him to “stay safe” and sending him on his way.

He is then seen looking at his scratched hands and deciding it’s nothing serious before walking back to his patrol car.

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