Moment Bus Driver Is Stabbed Multiple Times By Thief

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a bus driver is stabbed by a man who steals his money before returning to stab him again and fleeing.

stabbed by a thief but calmly remains seated as blood stains his shirt.

The robbery took place last Saturday in the evening on a bus in the city of Barranquilla in the Atlantico Department in northern Colombia and was recorded by a CCTV camera.

Picture Credit:CEN

In the video, a thief armed with a knife can be seen getting onto the bus and he becomes involved in a struggle with the driver as he steals the money.

The criminal then stabs the driver in the chest and blood can be seen quickly staining his shirt.

The thug then stabs the driver twice more before grabbing a passenger’s bag and fleeing. The passenger runs after the thug as the driver looks down at his blood-stained shirt.

According to local media, the robber is allegedly a well-known criminal in the area known as ‘Mello’. The police are reportedly investigating to find the offender.

The Colonel of the Local Police in Barranquilla Yesid Peno told local media: “He is someone who is completely identified and we have offered a bounty for anyone who can give any information about where he is.”

According to the head of the bus company Sobusa, John Jairo Ospina “the driver took the passengers as far as he could and then he went to the La Misericordia hospital to get his wounds treated.”

Ospina also confirmed that the driver spent several hours in the hospital but his life is not in danger.

According to habitual users of the bus line, these kinds of robberies are common on the city’s buses, with an unnamed passenger telling reporters: “We know that on certain bus lines robbers usually get on to rob citizens and the mayor should take legal measures.”

No arrests have been reported.

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