Moment BMW Driver Forces Lorry To Overturn On Aussie Highway

This is the moment a BMW driver forces a lorry to overturn during a risky overtaking manoeuvre on an Australian highway.

The accident was filmed on Monaro Highway near the town of Cooma in the Australian state of New South Wales at around 3pm on 24th June.

The police said the Isuzu lorry was forced off the highway by the driver of a BMW X3 SUV and officers on the scene found it overturned in a roadside ditch.

Paramedics treated the lorry driver for a head injury at the scene of the accident.

During the investigation, the police viewed dash-cam footage from other road users at the time of the crash.

Meanwhile, the BMW driver reportedly continued driving southbound and did not stop to offer help.

As a result, the police have called on the public to provide any information about the BMW driver to Crime Stoppers in New South Wales.

In the footage, the white BMW SUV is seen overtaking a long vehicle on the highway before returning to the left-hand lane.

However, the BMW owner apparently misjudges the manoeuvre and the driver of an oncoming lorry has to take evasive action.

Both the BMW and lorry veer off road to avoid crashing, however the larger vehicle overturns in the ditch, and the driver of a white truck behind apparently stops to help.