Model Who Turned Self Black Makes Huge Boobs Even Larger

Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@Model.Martina.BIG

A former flight attendant with massive breasts who decided to turn her skin black has revealed she has undergone an operation to make her boobs even bigger.

According to reports, German model Martina Big, 30, hopes to break the world record for having the biggest boobs.

Despite doctors’ warnings of the dangers of going under the knife again, Martina has revealed she has undergone further surgery anyway.

Picture Credit: CEN/

Posting pictures from her hospital bed, she wrote: “I have great news. I had a further breast surgery and a further fill up. My breasts are now even bigger. I have been trying several times to boost my boobs recently, but with the right breast there was always a high resistance that prevented it.

“Since the 20,000cc expanders were made especially for me, there is still no practical experience with them. The fillers are particularly stretchy so that they can handle the enormous size difference.

“The problem is that, because the expanders grow even bigger, they also need a very long tube between the valve and the implant. This tube was tangled in two places.

Picture Credit: CEN/

“Now everything is fine again and there is nothing in the way for further fill ups.”

It has not been revealed what size she now is at the moment.

The once blonde, fair-skinned model decided to become black by undergoing radical tanning injections which turned her skin dark brown.

At the time she vowed to go “darker and darker and see what the limits are”.

Martina said: “My parents and my younger sister died in 2011 in a glazed ice accident. It happened on a bendy road next to the Moselle River.

Picture Credit: CEN

“Once, we drove non-stop from Eifel [western German] to the French Riviera simply to get out of the rain and into the sun.

“My father was so tired after the drive that he slept the entire day on the beach and burned his back, but the red quickly turned brown. When I now look at my dark brown skin, I think of this.”

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