Model Says Ronaldo Has 5-Year Contracts With GFs

Story By: Madalina Spulber, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Golders

Russian TV star Victoria Bonya made the claims during an interview on Alla Dovlatova’s radio show broadcast by “Russian Radio”.

A Russian model has claimed Cristiano Ronaldo had a five-year “contract” with his ex Irina Shayk and his current relationship with Georgina Rodriguez is determined by the same contract.

Bonya claimed that Ronaldo’s public relationships with women are actually based on business-like contracts, saying: “Now women are ready for anything. The model Irina Shayk and football player Cristiano Ronaldo had a contract for five years. Then it all ended, and they broke up. 

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Pictures Credit: Golders/@victoriabonya & Golders/@irinashayk

“The new girl in his life, as far as I know, has exactly the same contract with him. I would not want such a fate for myself. I want a normal family and a real husband.”

Ronaldo and stunning model Shayk reportedly dated for five years between 2010 and 2015 before their split.

The Juventus forward and current girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez have been going out since 2016 after model the Spanish beauty apparently met Ronaldo in the VIP section of a Dolce & Gabbana event in Madrid.

When host Dovlatova said that such relationships meant the girls involved would never need for anything, Bonya replied: “It’s not about the money. You see, in such a relationship you do not live your own life. I would not have accepted to go through this ten years ago. And what if children are born? I hope that I will have a loving husband and one day we’ll die from old age.”

The stunning Russian model went out with Irish multimillionaire Alexander Smurfit for several years and gave birth to his daughter Angelica Leticia in 2012 before they broke up in 2017.

Speaking of her relationship with Smurfit, Bonya said: “For seven years, while I lived with Alex, I did not work. I did not go on TV shows, I kept a low profile. I did it consciously. I wanted to move away from all that, so that they would forget me.

“There were other interests in my life. Now I understand that you need to feel some kind of stability in your life. After breaking up with him, I started making clothes by myself. Now my business is booming.”