Minibus Shunted Off Bridge Onto Busy Motorway Below

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Video Credit: CEN/@SUUMA_CDMX

This is the moment a stationary minibus is hit in the back by a bus and sent nosediving off a motorway bridge onto the busy road nearly 20 feet below, injuring four people.

The incident was filmed by a CCTV camera in the city of Naucalpan de Juarez in the central Mexican state of Mexico and shared on social media where it has been seen 40,000 times.

In the clip, the stationary minibus is seen on the bridge at the top-left of the screen as a speeding bus suddenly appears and smashes into the back of it.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@SUUMA_CDMX

The minibus’ momentum forces it into the wall, which crumbles under the force and the vehicle nosedives onto the tarmac below.

The minibus appears to narrowly miss several vehicles as well as a pedestrian running across the motorway.

According to local media, the vehicle fell from a height of five metres (16.5 feet) and four people were injured.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital, although there have been no further updates on their current condition.

The local authorities have yet to officially confirm that the incident is being investigated.

According to the National Institute of Public Health, over 24,000 people die in road accidents in Mexico every year.

Netizen ‘Erica Osnaya’ commented: “So sad, some people drive like animals. We have seen many accidents with a lot of injuries this week.”

‘Zoe Campos’ said: “It is clearly the bus driver’s fault.”

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