Migrant Jailed For Rape Attempt On Bachelor TV Star

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A Guinean migrant jailed for attempting to rape this pretty blonde reality TV star who starred in ‘The Bachelor’ before attacking a group of cops has said he wants his freedom back.

Lina Kolodochka, 24, is a well-known German reality TV star who starred in ‘The Bachelor’ and who works as a model and influencer and was on a night out in Hanover, the capital of the north-western German state of Lower Saxony in December 2018 when the attack happened.

She was ambushed on the streets while making a telephone call, with the perpetrator, only identified as 28-year-old Guinean asylum seeker Amadou B., grabbing her by the arm and dragging her into a dark corner.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

Lina said: “He knelt on my chest. I screamed: Take my money, my cell phone.”

However, Amadou B. was interested in something else as he shouted in English towards Lina “baby, baby, I need to f*ck”.

The perpetrator then kissed her on the mouth, groped her breasts and managed to open the button to her jeans and pull down her underwear.

However, he was stopped from raping her by two passersby aged 28 and 51 who restrained him and handed him over to the cops.

According to the cops, Amadou B. was drunk at the time of the attack and also attacked police officers after the arrest, biting one cop in his arm and hitting two in the face while shouting “racists!”

The asylum seeker stood trial in a Hanover court on attempted rape charges with Lina taking the witness stands to talk about her ordeal.

Lina said: “I want to give other women courage not to remain silent when something terrible happens to them.”

The judge has now sentenced Amadou B. to two years and two months in prison after he was found guilty on charges of attempted rape, GBH and attacking law enforcement officers.

The judge said: “If you ‘want to f*ck’, it leaves little room for interpretation.”

Amadou B. said he will appeal the verdict.

His lawyer Oliver Langer said: “Communication with my client is difficult. He seems to have little insight into the legal situation in Germany.

“He says he wants his freedom back.”

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