Mick Jaggers Son Becomes Russian Musical Success

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@lucasjagger

Mick Jagger’s seventh child seems to be carving out a career for himself in music after posting this video where he sings a Russian rap song.

Lucas Jagger, now aged 20, has until now not attracted the level of publicity of his more famous siblings like Jade and Lizzy Jagger.

But after opening an Instagram account he has amassed over 400,000 followers with just over 100 posts, that included comments from his dad, and more recently he has been carving out his career as a model which included to the runway at the AMIRI Menswear Spring Summer 2020 in Paris with Pierce Brosnan’s son Paris.

Picture Credit: CEN/@lucasjagger

And now he seems to be moving into music not only by performing a song but also by doing so in what was described as almost perfect Russian.

In that sense he takes a leaf out of his multilingual mother’s book, Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez, 50, who speaks Portuguese, English, French and Italian.

The rap song he performs is called Rozovoye Vino (Rose Wine) performed by rap singers Allj, 25, and Feduk, 27, as the track was released in 2017 where it quickly became listed among top 10 best songs of that year.

Commenting on the song Lucas noted that “Russian music is simply amazing”, and his Russian-speaking followers admitted they were amazed at how Jagger Jr. managed to perform the song with almost no accent.

Online user ‘nonnsense’ added: “Lucas, we are waiting for you in Russia.”

‘josephferreiraof’ commented: “Have you learned Russian by now?”

It reflects a growing connection with a Russian fan base which has seen many of his postings going online with Russian rather than English comments. It is unclear where the interest in Russia springs from but Brazilians like his mother are known for their love to Russia and Russian culture.

Lucas was born in New York City but raised in Brazilian city of Sao Paulo by his mother Luciana Gimenez, who discovered that she was pregnant with Mick’s child in 1998 after an eight-month affair.

It resulted in the dissolution of Jerry and Mick’s 22-year marriage. In 1999, Luciana was described as ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’ by Jerry Hall during her divorce from Mick.

Luciana previously said of model Jerry: “I don’t know how she feels about me, but I understand that I probably hurt her.”

Despite the divorce Mick Jagger clearly has a strong relationship with his son and last year fans went into meltdown after he posted a number of ‘dorky dad’ comments on his son’s Instagram.

A host of fans shared their delight after one Twitter user penned: “My new favourite thing is Mick Jagger leaving dorky dad comments on his teenage son’s Instagram posts.”

Examples included Sir Mick remarking “look out for the water” on a brooding shot of Lucas standing by the shore.

Another snap of the teen at a festival elicited the response: “Looks like fun ha”, whilst he also expressed his delight at snaps of the youngster enjoying a party with pals.

The relationship is not one-sided, however, with Lucas taking the time to also comment on his father’s posts.

In one snap posted by Mick, the legendary rocker donned a bomber jacket as he posed next to a cricket field, to which Lucas commented: “That jacket is pretty flames tbh”.

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