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Mexican Cops Beat Thiefs Bare Backside With Stick

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment Mexican cops torture a suspect in handcuffs by pulling down his trousers and pummelling his backside with a wooden stick as he screams in pain.

The shocking scene was recorded in the town of Tlajomulco de Zuniga in the states of Jalisco in western Mexico and an investigation has been launched after the clip was posted onto social media.

In the video, a man, who has not been named, can be seen with his hands in cuffs behind his back with his T-shirt pulled up over his face and his trousers and underwear pulled down.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

He appears to be facing a police car and an officer then gives him a hit with a wooden stick on his backside as the suspect cries in fear and says “sorry, sorry”.

Another officer then takes the sticks and swings it forcefully into the man’s buttocks twice, causing him to scream in pain.

The officers then uncuff the man whose backside can be seen heavily bruised from the beating.

The cops can be heard saying: “Today, you are going to get away with it.”

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@IndomableLoba & CEN/@l4nd3t4

The authorities have launched an investigation into the incident after the video was posted online and the four officers involved, who have not been named but are reportedly in charge of units TX-308 and TX-309, are being investigated for violence against an arrested person.

They have been taken off patrol duties as the investigation continues and local media report they will undergo retraining.

Police have not confirmed the reasons the victim, whose name has not been revealed, was arrested but local media report that he might be a suspected thief. 

It is unclear if the suspect was taken to a police station or if he was released after the beating.

The case comes days after a video emerged of suspected Sinaloa Cartel members whacking a woman’s bare bottom with a bat as part of a series of punishment videos shared online as a warning to their enemies.

The video shows a woman standing in front of a wall, screaming as her bruised bottom is hit with a bat.

Accused of “betrayal”, a man asks her “why are you being hit?”

The female victim answers that she joined another cartel and begs for forgiveness.

Local media outlet Radio Formula report that beating a victim with a wooden stick is the methodology used by cartels and criminal gangs against rival members or thieves. 

The investigation is ongoing.

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