MEWD HAVE THOUGHT IT: Newborn Abandoned In Trash Mistaken For Kitten

An hours-old baby girl was saved from a stack of rubbish bags about to be collected by bin men after a passing cyclist thought she heard the faint cries of a kitten.

The newborn was discovered on the corner of Avellaneda and Los Olivos streets, in the city of Moron, in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires, on the afternoon of 6th April.

According to the local police, a cyclist told officers she had heard what she thought was the mewing of a kitten.

The new-born baby girl found abandoned in garbage bags, in Moron, Argentina, on 6th April. (Newsflash)

To her astonishment, she discovered it had come from a baby wrapped in a jacket and nestled among the rubbish bags.

The unnamed cyclist called the local authorities and police officers arrived on the scene to find several residents caring for the abandoned infant.

The baby was taken to the Hospital de Moron, where director Jacobo Netel reported that she was in “good general health” despite being admitted with hypothermia.

A new-born baby was found abandoned in garbage bags, in Moron, Argentina, on 6th April. (Newsflash)

Netel added that the baby was “a few hours old” and that she arrived at the hospital “with the [umbilical] cord and blood stains as well as signs of hypothermia, but her recovery will be fine.”

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor’s office said that it has opened an investigation for child abandonment and that the police are currently reviewing local CCTV footage to try to establish who dumped the newborn baby at the scene.

The investigation continues.