Metal Bar Rammed 20in In Workers Buttocks In Horror Fall

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These images show a construction worker who fell 16 feet and landed on a metal bar which pierced his buttocks and ended up lodged 20 inches up and damaging his lung.

The startling incident occurred at a construction site in Nanjing City in Jiangsu Province in East China when 40-year-old worker Mr Liu fell 16 feet onto the metal bar which was sticking out of the ground.

The reinforced steel bar, which is 1.5 metres (five feet) in length, pierced the worker’s right buttock, just two centimetres from his anus, and ended up 50 centimetres (20 inches) inside his body up his back.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Firemen were called to the scene and they cut the bar down to 90 centimetres (three feet) – 50 centimetres (20 inches) inside his body and 40 centimetres (16 inches) protruding – before Liu was taken to Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University in an ambulance.

He was sent to the emergency room and the hospital’s vice president Chen Ming assembled various doctors to check Liu’s abdomen, pelvic cavity, aorta and they found Liu’s main artery had not been severed.

Images show doctors working to remove the metal bar from Liu’s buttocks in an operation which took one-and-a-half hours.

The bar was successfully removed and Liu Songqiao, the head of the emergency ward, told local media: “After multidisciplinary treatment at the trauma centre of Zhongda Hospital, Liu’s condition is relatively stable. However, the biggest problem he faces now is post-traumatic acute lung injury.”

Local media report that if the three-centimetre-wide bar had pierced Liu’s anus the damage to his body could have been fatal.

Liu remains in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit for further treatment.

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