MERC MURDER: Joyrider Who Killed Two Women And Unborn Babies Remanded In Custody

A drunk Mercedes salesman who was dating the daughter of the showroom boss has been arrested over the deaths of two pregnant women when he crashed the car he had apparently stolen after driving at twice the speed limit.

Vincent R., 23, is accused of the double murder of Julia K., 28, and Lydia, 32. Lydia was seven months pregnant and her unborn baby was also killed in the horror crash.

Julia K., who was married to her female partner of 11 years – Tina K., 31 – had also just become pregnant using fertility treatment.

Lydia (left) who was seven-months pregnant and died in July 2021 in an accident, in a photo with her boyfriend Florian O. (right). (Newsflash)

The couple were hoping for a daughter, while Lydia and her partner – Florian O., 33 – were expecting a girl and had everything ready for the birth including clothing and the nursery.

Lydia was driving a Skoda with her partner in the passenger seat, and Julia and Tina, who got married in June 2020, were in the back.

R. is accused of crashing a 510 HP AMG Mercedes head-on into the Skoda on a bend in the B96a federal highway near Schildow, in Brandenburg, Germany, at 8.11pm on 10th July last year.

Lydia (left) who was seven-months pregnant and died in July 2021 in an accident in Berlin. (Newsflash)

He was reportedly driving at 160 kph (99 mph) in an 80-kph (50-mph) zone.

Before the fatal crash, he had clipped an oncoming vehicle, but its occupants were uninjured.

The car span off the motorway, clipped a tree and ended up in a field, with one side of the car completely ripped away like a tin can, as seen in the images.

The car in which pregnant Lydia died with a friend in July 2021 in Berlin, when a 510 PS Mercedes hit her. (Newsflash)

Florian recounted the moments after the crash, saying: “Lydia was still wearing her seatbelt, but she was practically outside the car.

“She was still breathing, but only very shallowly.”

Lydia was also left hanging outside the damaged Skoda, while Tina was conscious but in considerable pain after breaking several ribs.

Florian, who works as a train driver, freed himself from the wreck and pulled Tina free.

The car in which pregnant Lydia died with a friend in July 2021 in Berlin, when a 510 PS Mercedes hit her. (Newsflash)

He then called the emergency services and went to his unconscious partner’s side to beg her: “Wake up, Lydia, wake up.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene and treated Florian and Tina for their injuries while confirming the deaths of the two women seated on the other side of the car.

Following the crash, R. and his passenger fled the scene. Both were quickly caught by the police, but R. was later released on bail.

R. remained in freedom until his arrest on 13th April, five days after the Oranienburg district court issued an arrest warrant for him for murder.

Lydia (right) and her friend Julia K. (left) who died in an accident in July 2021 in Berlin. (Newsflash)

He has since been in custody at the Neuruppin-Wulkow correctional facility.

Senior public prosecutor Andreas Pelzer of the prosecutor’s office in Neuruppin confirmed that he is charged with two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm.

Tina said: “The accident took everything from me, wife and child.”

Pelzer said: “Based on the results of the evaluation of the vehicle data and witness interviews, we come to the conclusion that the driver wanted to max out the vehicle’s performance at all costs and thereby condoned the deaths of other road users in the process.”

The 510 PS Mercedes that killed pregnant Lydia and her friend Julia K. in July 2021 in Berlin. (Newsflash)

R. was found to have a blood alcohol level of 1.1 per mille at the time of the crash.

The EUR-70,000 (GBP-58,800) Mercedes he was driving was stolen from a dealership in Oranienburg, where R. was working as a salesman.

It is not clear when R. will appear in court.