Medivaced Boat Passenger Gets To Wave At Superdome Crowd As Resue Heli Takes A Shortcut

A passenger from a fishing boat who was exhibiting stroke-like symptoms was given a bird’s eye view when being medevaced by the US Coastguard that took a shortcut over the New Orleans Superdome ,

the move that happened so he could be rushed to hospital gave him the opportunity to wave at the crowds as they flew by.

The Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans MH-60 Jayhawk aircrew was dispatched to assist some 184 miles south of White Lake, Louisiana, on the morning of February 21.

When the aircrew got there, the passenger was put onto the chopper and taken back to University Medical Center New Orleans when it was decided that he required immediate medical assistance.

The crew of the aircraft made the decision to take a shortcut in order to get the passenger to the hospital as soon as possible, which meant to take a diversion and fly above the Superdome in New Orleans instead of flying straight to the hospital.

The traveller was in a good mood and even made a few jokes while in the air. He requested that they fly low enough so that he could wave to the spectators in the stadium.

The aircrew obliged and flew low enough for the passenger to wave at the crowd.

The passenger was swiftly transported to the hospital by the flight crew, where he was placed under the supervision of doctors. The traveller is expected to recover fully.

The MH-60 Jayhawk aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans is grateful for the opportunity to have saved lives. In addition to being excited about their upcoming adventure, they are grateful for the chance to assist someone in need.