Mechanics On Backsides As Mat Pulled From Under Them

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This viral footage with over two million views shows two mechanics falling on their backsides when a car driving onto the garage floor mat they are standing on pulls it out from under feet.

The clip shared more than 6,200 times on China’s Twitter-like micro-blogging site Sina Weibo has left viewers puzzled and repeatedly watching the video to figure out how exactly the freak accident happened.

The CCTV footage from an currently unidentified Chinese city shows an SUV pulling into the auto repair shop where three employs are watching.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

As the car edges up the ramp, the driver appears to rev the engine to give it a little more power, but the front wheels on the 4WD catch the rubber mat and send it flying backwards on the slippery concrete surface.

Two mechanics standing on the mat suddenly find themselves sitting on their backsides on the floor, while a third employee manages to avoid an embarrassing fall,

The pair later stood up by themselves and are not believed to have been injured during the accident.

Social media users appeared to take quite some time before figuring out how exactly their fall happened.

More than 3,800 netizens have commented on the video since its publication on 30th May.

‘Zhaxin Laodidi’ wrote: “Really powerful grip there from the 4WD.”

‘Lianaiwan’ said: “That’s a magic carpet. It moved by itself.”

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