McDonalds Runs Out Of Food As Hong Kong Protests Worsen

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McDonald’s in Hong Kong is reportedly running out of buns and hash browns as ongoing protests cause disruptions to supplies.

Reports say that the McDonald’s in the Hong Kong town of Tai Po alongside supermarkets and other stores and restaurants have simply run out of food as protesters bring roads, tunnels and parts of the rail system to a standstill.

Reports in local media say that people who turned up at the fast food chain yesterday (Thursday) for the breakfast were told that only pancakes and macaroni were available.

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And one member of staff at the McDonald’s on the Kwong Fuk Estate confirmed a local media that they had run out of bread needed for the McMuffins as well as other menu items like hash browns.

They said that the situation was alleviated when other branches were able to share their stocks, but then were hit again later and on Friday was once again not enough bread for the McMuffins and this time also no macaroni.

Those who opted not to go out for a takeaway and eat home also hit local stores saying they had no eggs, bread rice among many other foodstuffs that were running out.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

One local resident identified as 30-year-old Tommy Chan said he noticed restaurants close because they no longer had any food, because the trucks could not get into bring supplies.

He said McDonald’s is one of those affected but there are also empty supermarket shelves made worse when people realise what was going on, and rushed into panic buying.

Tai Po is part of the new Territories area of Hong Kong with people living there saying that as well as delivery is not going in, they had felt trapped recently by the closure of public transport.

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