Matador Gored In Leg Receives 25cm Gash In Bullfight

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Video Credit: CEN/Ninodesanrafael Toreoyarte

This is the moment a matador is gored by a bull in a Madrid bullring and reportedly sustains two fractures and a 25-centimetre gash.

Mexican bullfighter Arturo Macias was gored in the famous Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in the central Spanish capital Madrid and was unable to continue after the incident.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Ninodesanrafael Toreoyarte

Reports said that the matador was injured in the right leg and sustained a 25-centimetre (10-inch) wound.

Macias also suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula, according to local media.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Ninodesanrafael Toreoyarte

He was transferred to hospital where he is still receiving treatment.

In the video, the Mexican bullfighter is seen toying with the injured bull as it attacks his red cape with three barbed ‘banderillas’ protruding from its back.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Ninodesanrafael Toreoyarte

However, the injured animal gets the better of the matador and gores his leg as the crowd gasps in shock.

The bullfighter is last seen limping away before being carried out of the bullring with a pained expression on his face.

Meanwhile, at least one other matador enters the ring to distract the bull.

There have been no further updates on Macias’ condition.

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