Massive Lorry Tyre Flattens Woman

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


This is the moment a speeding tyre from a lorry completely flattens a woman walking towards a taxi.

The freak accident was captured by a CCTV camera in the Russian capital Moscow where a woman dressed in a grey coat can be seen walking down the pavement towards a taxi.

A speeding lorry tyre then suddenly comes into shot and rolls into the unsuspecting woman at high speed, sending her crashing to the ground before it bounces into the air and then continues on its path.

A young man walking behind the woman only narrowly manages to avoid also being hit as the tyre rolls past him.

Paramedics reportedly arrived on the scene shortly after but could only confirm that the woman, who has not been named in local media, had died from her injuries.

According to doctors, the woman broke her neck when she landed on the pavement after being knocked over by the tyre.

Local media report the woman was about to get into the taxi also shown in the shot when she was killed.

No other victims or damage have been reported.

Police are now investigating the lorry and its owner.

Social media user ‘Larisa Kunova’ said: “What a horrible death. Shocking.”

And ‘Boston Dynamics’ commented: “I thought something like that could happen only in a film, pity for her.”

Massive Lorry Tyre Flattens Woman
Massive Lorry Tyre Flattens Woman
Massive Lorry Tyre Flattens Woman
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