Masked Teen Calmly Enters School And Shoots Classmate

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Video Credit: CEN/T13

This is the moment a masked 14-year-old boy strolls into school and enters a classroom where he reportedly shot a student in the neck minutes later.

The incident took place in the city of Puerto Montt in the southern Chilean region of Los Lagos when the teenage suspect entered class wearing a mask from the Spanish-language Netflix series ‘Money Heist’ and an army jacket.

Police spokesman Marcelo Salas told local media: “A 14-year-old student is injured. Another pupil went into the classroom and shot him.”

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Pictures Credit: CEN

According to reports, the other students hid beneath their desks while the shooting took place and the injured teen remained conscious until taken to hospital.

Teachers and other students attended to the wounded boy, who was reportedly shot in the neck.

He is said to be in a stable condition and under police surveillance in intensive care.

School headmistress Monica Winkler said that it is currently unclear whether the bullet can be removed.

The unnamed boy who shot the student did not say a word during the attack and he has since been arrested.

Footage shows him running out of the school and sprinting past a football field after the alleged incident.

Reports said that the 14-year-old boy was arrested shortly afterwards and officers seized a 22-calibre gun, believed to have been the weapon used to attack the victim, which belonged to the suspect’s grandfather who used to be a cop.

The school authorities confirmed that the attacker attended the same class as the victim, although the reason for the alleged shooting is currently unknown.

Following the incident, concerned parents came to the school to take their children out of class.

One pupil told local media: “It is very sad and difficult to see people crying and appearing so desperate. Our teacher tried to handle the situation, but there were a lot of people in tears.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Ana Lacasa

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