Martial Artist Falls Over Edge In Temple Handstand Fail

Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire 

This is the moment a martial artist trying to do a handstand on a temple parapet embarrasses himself by losing his balance and falling over the edge.

The unnamed tourist and his friends had been visiting Fengxue Temple in the city of Ruzhou, which is in Central China’s Henan Province, when the now viral blunder with two million online views happened.

Footage taken by a friend shows him performing a martial arts routine on the temple grounds before attempting a handstand on the foot-wide parapet.

His friends laugh but then scream in shock as he accidentally tips backwards, after which he then rolled some 30 metres (98 feet) down a grassy hill.

Video of the aftermath shows the red-faced, would-be martial artist having survived the fall and roll, which saw him slam into the wall of a neighbouring home.

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Picture Credits: AsiaWire 

He can be seen walking away with mud all over his black trousers, leather jacket, and face, while his friend says: “I’ve got it all on camera!”

He also needed a few stitches after cutting open his right hand during the failed stunt.

Netizen ‘Spartan 223’ wrote: “He’s lucky there was a hill there, otherwise he would’ve gone straight to see his ancestors.”

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