MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Dog Chases Owner’s Car For 5 Miles Refusing To Let Him Go To Work

This is the moment a loyal pooch runs after his owner’s car after he paid a visit for the Chinese New Year.

The man, identified only by his surname as Mr Lu, had turned to see his family in the city of Liaoyuan, in China’s Jilin Province, but at the end, climbed into his car to head back to where he worked.

But when he set off, he realised that the dog was chasing after him and seem to be able to keep up even though he was going the maximum speed limit.

The footage recorded from the car, shows the dog running through the countryside parallel to the moving car as it tries to catch up with its beloved owner.

The man said that he did not want to stop because it would only encourage the dog to carry on and he wanted to get tired out and go back home.

Dog chases car reluctant to leave its owner in Liaoyuan, Jilin in China, undated. Mr. Lu said that the puppy chased the car for about ten minutes at that time. (8526593/AsiaWire)

Incredibly, the dog managed to follow him for around 5 miles before he finally left it behind.

He reportedly said: “I did not want to create additional sadness but stopping them having to separate again.”

Mr Lu told local media that the family have had almost 2 years and it had been running after the car for about 10 minutes before he finally ended.