Man Zapped By High Voltage Line After Being Hit By Train When Illegally Crossing When Barriers Were Down

This footage shows a motorcyclist trying to cross a level crossing when a train is coming but he appears not to notice it and is hit by the locomotive at full speed, before landing on a high voltage line that set fire to his body and his bike.

The incident took place at a level crossing located in Haedo, a town in the Buenos Aires province, in north-eastern Argentina, and the motorcyclist, who has not been named, can be seen trying to cross the level crossing while other vehicles are at a standstill because the barriers are down.

The footage was captured on CCTV cameras and the national rail service, Trenes Argentinos, said that the motorcycle caught fire as a result of the impact, as did the front of the train.

Train ran over and killed a motorcyclist in September 2021 in Buenos Aires. (Newsflash)

Train traffic was suspended in both directions while the police and firefighters cordoned off the scene and removed the motorcycle and the motorcyclist’s body from the tracks.

The man’s death was caused by his body touching another set of rails after it landed and causing an electric current to run through it, according to local media outlet Infobae.

The footage shows the motorcyclist ignoring the barrier and other warning signs in place and he appears to decide to attempt across without looking left or right.

Train ran over and killed a motorcyclist in September 2021 in Buenos Aires. (Newsflash)

As soon as his motorcycle reaches the tracks the train can be seen coming into shot and hitting him at full speed, while a pedestrian on the other side of the tracks turns away in horror.