Man With No Hands Delivers Food Amid COVID Lockdown

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@syahrain_fadzil

This is the delivery man with no hands who is delivering food to people during the coronavirus lockdown.

The delivery man, named in reports as Syahrain, reportedly suffered a horrific accident when he was in primary school that lead to both his hands being amputated. It was not revealed how the injury was caused.

However, his injury has not stopped him becoming a rider for food delivery service ‘GrabFood’ in Malaysia and one customer named Edmund Gan recently shared his story.

Gan said he had asked the delivery man to hang his drinks from his fence to ensure the transaction remained contact-free, but the biker asked for help saying “I can’t do it myself”.

Picture Credit: CEN/@syahrain_fadzil

The customer said he went outside to see why, which was when he then saw that the delivery man had no hands.

The biker reportedly joked “you don’t have to look for them, they aren’t there anymore”.

The grateful customer took a selfie with the delivery man who reportedly has no problems riding a motorbike despite his disability.

Local media report Syahrain has remained positive about life after his accident and has become a source of inspiration for many after his story was shared on social media.

Picture Credit: CEN/@zhenxin.gan

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Alex Cope

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