Man Who Stabbed Sis 9X In Station Not Fit For Trial

Story By: Kathryn Quinn, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A man who stabbed his sister to death in Vienna’s main train station has been sent to a high security institution after the court found he was not fit to stand trial.

Eyob E. stabbed his sister Eyerus to death at Vienna’s main train station in the Austrian capital in January this year when she came from Spain to help him after becoming worried about his behaviour.

Eyerus E., 25, died after being brutally stabbed nine times allegedly by her own brother, 22-year-old Eyob E., a chef with a kitchen knife which he had hidden behind his back.

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Following Eyob’s arrest, he said to police “Some people think I am God” which made them doubt his accountability and an expert witness team was brought in to assess his mental state.

The court found that he was not fit to stand trial and was not accountable for his actions at the time of the killing as he as suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

The prosecutor found that he was suffering from the illness when the attack took place. Witnesses in court were shown harrowing footage of the attack at the station from CCTV cameras where they could see Eyob pushing the knife deep into his sisters body.

Picture Credit:CEN

Prosecutor Martin Ortner said: “He intended to kill with these heavy stabs. Anything other than intention to murder is not possible.”

Despite being accused of murdering his sister, Eyob’s mother Hirut is standing by her son. She said: “He is my child, I love him regardless.”

The 22-year-old confessed to his actions in court, but said: “I don’t think it was nine stabs, I think it was less.”

He added: “The drugs which I had to take also made me kill my sister.”

His lawyer Astrid Wagner said: “He sees what he has done and he regrets it. He knows that he needs treatment and knows he will need to be on medication for a long time, maybe even the rest of his life.

“When he was arrested he was very aggressive but now he is on the right drugs he is much more sedated.”

The man claimed in court that his illness traces back to being separated from his mother at any early age and said that he did not understand what had happened. He admitted taking cocaine and marijuana and drinking alcohol to excess.

Eyob’s lawyer Wagner had early claimed that when she visited him in prison he begged to speak to his mother: “He is currently on the hospital wing and is getting medication, but wanted to talk to his mother before the trial starts. I was able to make this possible.”

The man will not appeal the sentence.

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