Man Wears Girlfriends Heels In Viral Romantic Gesture

Story By: Amanda MoralesSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

This picture showing a loving man agreeing to wear his partner’s high heels and give her his sneakers after they walk home from a long night of partying has gone viral.

The romantic images were taken in the neighborhood of Isla Chica, municipality of Huelva, in the southern Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia on Sunday 23th August.

The posters commented that at first sight, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary, just a random couple holding hands on the way back home after a night out.


But a closer look at the images, which already have more than 76,000 likes on Twitter, shows he is wearing the woman’s heels and she is wearing his men’s shoes.

In exclusive statements to Newsflash, the Twitter user who shared the images, Dahiana Ortiz, 17, said she simply had to photograph the moment.

The improvised photographer was with a group of friends sitting on a bench chatting around 3:00 a.m. when they saw the couple passing by and noticed the change of footwear.

According to Dahiana, the couple walked normally while they chatted, laughed, and held hands, and only the wobble in his walk raised the alarm.

Dahiana said: “I could not resist, it was really romantic.”


The protagonists did not take long to recognize themselves in the images.

The girl in sneakers ‘Mariacl_9821’ said: “Hello! Those are my boyfriend and I, haha, ​​my feet hurt too much with my heels and he left me his shoes.”

Meanwhile the man in heels ‘ xavi98888 ’assured: “I have to clarify that with the heels, I become more of a diva than her.”

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