Man Stabbed Over 40 GBP Chases Rivals With Meat Cleaver

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a man stabbed over a 40-GBP debt chases his attackers away after grabbing a huge meat cleaver from a butcher’s shop.

The incident happened in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul in Turkey where two groups of Syrian men met up in the street.

One of the men in one group accused the man who was eventually stabbed of not paying a 300-TRY (40-GBP) debt.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The two men started arguing and both sides waded in, resulting in the injured man being forced to flee into a butcher’s shop with his clothes torn and covered in blood from the stab wounds.

The attacker and his friends have the door shut in their face, but then are forced to flee when the injured man runs out waving the meat cleaver.

He chases his attacker around a car but then stops when he is whacked in the head by a chair by another member of the Syrian gang.

The violence then stops when one half of the Syrian mob ran off as more and more locals appear to try to calm down the situation.

The injured man was later taken to a private hospital where he was treated for stab wounds and a head injury.

A local shopkeeper told local media he had complained about the frequent violence to police, saying: “Every other day we witness incidents like this. We are appealing to the authorities to do something to stop it.”

It was not revealed whether the police are investigating the latest violence.

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