Man Pulls Out Eyeball And Tries To Cut Off Genitals

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This 34-year-old medical student stripped naked in the street before pulling out his eyeball from its socket and then trying to self-mutilate his genitals following a breakup.

The Brazilian citizen, identified as Ugo Leonardo Da Costa Jardin, self-mutilated himself in the city of Ciudad del Este in the southern Paraguayan department of Alto Parana.

According to local media, the medical student, who is said to be a devoutly religious man, had finished confessing in church when he started to strip off in the middle of the street at around 10.20am.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@BlasRodri10

He kneeled, raised his arms and reportedly placed his fingers into his eye socket and removed his eyeball.

He then threw his eye onto the ground in front of stunned witnesses, according to local media.

Reports said that Da Costa Jardin then tried to do the same with his right eye, but was unable to competely remove it, and instead started to mutilate his genitals.

Bystanders managed to stop him and called the local authorities.

The Brazilian man is currently sedated and recovering in hospital, but it is believed that he suffered a breakdown following a relationship split.

According to reports, he also recently stopped using his prescribed antidepressants.

Doctor Federico Schrodel told local media: “He arrived with almost both eyeballs missing. It is the first time that we have ever seen a self-mutilation like this. It must have been extremely painful. The strange thing is that he did not seem to be reacting to the discomfort.”

According to local media, when Da Costa Jardin recovers from the extraordinary ordeal, he will return to Brazil to live with his uncle.

Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.