Man On Retrial For Raping Girl Because Sentence Was Too Harsh Had Other Victims Before

A man who has been on retrial for raping an 11-year-old girl had previously served jail for getting a girl drunk and raping her in his flat.

The wolf mask which the alleged perpetrator was wearing (Newsflash)

The retrial against electrician Christoph K., 46, began at the Munich District Court I on Tuesday, 14th March, after an appeal court decided that 12 years of jail time and an indefinite time in a psychiatric ward was too severe.

Christoph K. was reportedly imprisoned for ambushing and raping an 11-year-old girl while wearing a wolf mask in the Obergiesing district, in the city of Munich, in Germany, on 25th June 2019.

But judges stunned the media at the latest hearing after they revealed that the offender had previously served a total of four years and 11 months in prison.

He had additionally spent another 12 years in a psychiatric ward for crimes including sexual abuse and rape of children.

His long list of offences dates back to when he was a teenager in the 90s when he reportedly bullied his schoolmates and blackmailed girls to strip for him in front of a webcam.

Reports claimed that he had even got a girl drunk on vodka after which he raped her in his apartment, for which he was imprisoned in 2010.

He was, however, conditionally released earlier from the sentence and was a repeat offender with other crimes involving children.

Police units near the crime scene (Newsflash)

At the time of the latest crime, he was regarded as a low-risk prisoner and had been allowed to drive unsupervised between his accommodation and work.

But he then dragged the poor 11-year-old girl from a park a few hundred metres from her parents’ house in the Obergiesing borough of Munich into a bush in broad daylight.

He was reportedly wearing a creepy wolf mask and white gloves when he approached her from behind and covered her mouth as he raped her.

Reports revealed that he had spent long hours planning the attack and had bought the mask beforehand.

The girl later reported the horrific abuse to the police and said the rapist threatened her and her family with death if she told anyone about it.

The police were able to locate him after they found the wolf mask he had disposed of in a bin near his home and he was apprehended two days later at his workplace.

He later confessed to the crime after his DNA was found at the scene and on the victim’s clothes, and he was placed in a closed ward in a psychiatric clinic until the beginning of his trial.

A court insider said: “Incredible how he was even released in 2019 with those criminal records.”

But the verdict and sentence in 2021 was later overturned by Germany’s highest court of civil and criminal jurisdiction, the Federal Court of Justice.

According to his attorney Adam Ahmed, Christoph K. should serve the rest of his sentence in a closed psychiatric ward, instead of prison.

The insider added: “In prison, he would belong to the lowest caste. He would have a hard life there.”

The guilty verdict remains, but a total of 10 days of negotiations should determine the fate of the rapist.

The final verdict is expected in April.

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