Man Mistook Other Mans Penis For Hosepipe In Steam Bath

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

A shortsighted man in a steam bath who was looking for the hose has been fined 13,500 EUR after he apparently “accidentally” ended up grabbing the penis of the young man sitting next to him.

The steam bath incident happened in an unnamed fitness club in the Austrian capital Vienna where the 42-year-old said he was looking for the hose used to wash down the steam bath seats before sitting on them.

In Austria people use the saunas and steam baths naked, and they are also usually mixed sex with both men and women, which often surprises visitors.

The incident evolving the hosepipe mix up happened when the man who said he was shortsighted wanted to find the hose to wash the seat.

He told the court: “Because of my weak eyesight I made a mistake and ended up grabbing the penis of my neighbour in the steam bath. I only wanted to grab the hose.”

The man also attempted to recreate exactly what he had done with gestures, which failed to sway the court to find in his favour.

Also in court was the victim, 19, who the 42 year-old man complained had been very annoyed and threatened to “break his jaw” over the incident. But he was acquitted of threatening behaviour after the court sympathised with his position.

As well as the fine, the 42-year-old, not named for legal reasons, was banned permanently from the fitness club where he was a member.

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