Man Lives With 3 GFs Under One Roof To Find Mrs Right

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This Russian man has become a social media star after shacking up with his three girlfriends under the same roof as they compete for his love in a bid to be chosen as ‘the one’ – but women’s rights groups have branded his behaviour as ‘abusive’.

Aleksander Remezov, 34, has become an Instagram star – racking up 172,000 followers – for the controversial stunt which sees him co-habit with his three lovers as they compete for his affections.

Picture Credit: NewsFlash/@remez8

He is currently living in the Russian capital Moscow with three women: model Ella, 23, photographer Alyona, 21, and Victoria, 24, whose occupation is unclear.

Remezov – who lists his idol as Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian, told Newsflash that he concocted the bizarre situation in a bid to turn his life into a self-styled online reality show.

In an exclusive interview with Newsflash, he said: “I used to make a lot of videos that never proved to be very popular despite putting a lot of effort into them.

Picture Credit: NewsFlash/@remez8

“Then I realised that I should do something unusual, not like the rest.”

Despite the unusual beginnings, Aleksander told Newsflash that he soon hopes “to fall in love and live with one woman”.

Aleksander said: “I am living with three women right now, I was with two women before, they change all the time but I haven’t fallen in love yet.”

He is determined to continue the search for the one for as long as it takes.

According to Aleksander, one of the main benefits of living with three women is a “diverse sex life.”

Picture Credit: NewsFlash/@remez8

He said: “It’s me who gets to decide who sleeps with me and they can only do it in my room. I try not to offend any of them.”

When asked about how life is living with the three women under one roof, Aleksander says that jealousy can sometimes be an issue

He told Newsflash: “It is also interesting to observe how these women compete against each other and get jealous. It gets fun quite often.”

Video Credit: NewsFlash/@remez8

Meanwhile, he says that each of the women has different attributes and personality traits.

He said: “Ella is a model and a very interesting person. She says really interesting things every now and then and thinks she is a princess.

“She doesn’t clean the flat, only cooks for herself and prepares only salads. She is convinced that people should only take care of her and she shouldn’t give anything back.”

He also noted that she is bisexual and seems to prefer women over men.

Meanwhile, Aleksander described Alyona as a kind, pretty woman but claimed he does not like that she is a smoker.

And he dubbed Victoria “slender but very jealous”.

“She was convinced that the moment she got here, I would be hers in an instant, but it didn’t work out like that. This is why she gets jealous all the time and starts fighting with the other girls.”

In clips online, Remezov can be seen filming the women as they dance provocatively and go about their daily lives.

However, in one controversial video, Remezov can be seen forcibly grabbing Alyona by the chin and apparently shaving one off her eyebrows in ‘punishment’ for “attacking Victoria”.

The clip has sparked anger among Russian anti-domestic violence activists.

Anastasia Ermolaeva of the Nizhny Novgorod Women’s Crisis Centre told Newsflash: “I believe that this display of abuse for ‘entertainment’ normalises abuse. This man shows his behaviour is normal and appropriate for his subscribers.

“He wants to cause jealousy in other men, he wants to teach his subscribers that this is how they can behave with women.

“It helps people to think that such a relationship is normal.

“I think he doesn’t consider women as people with the right to decide what do they want or don’t want and he supports the idea that a woman’s life requires a man who can punish or reward them.

“It is definitely an abusive behaviour model which is dangerous and harmful for other people, especially for the youth.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the series, Aleksander told Newsflash: “There are many women willing to join.”

The Russian said that American influencer Dan Bilzerian is a role model for travelling around the world with eight to 10 women at a time.

Aleksander told Newsflash: “But that’s a whole other level, what I do is a lot simpler.”

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