Man Leaving Mosque Shot Dead In Street

Story By: Sibel Abdiu, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the shocking moment a young Muslim man is gunned down in cold blood at point blank range after leaving a mosque.

The incident happened at around 9am in the district of Zeytinburnu in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul, and was caught on CCTV before being uploaded to social media where it has been widely shared by netizens.

The 21-year-old victim, identified as Ozgur Dik, can be seen passing a man in the street who suddenly takes out a handgun and shoots him in the head from behind in broad daylight.

Picture Credits: AsiaWire

The gunman then fires into the victim’s body several more times as he lies on the ground before running off down the road.

Local residents called the emergency services who rushed the seriously injured man to hospital, however despite their best efforts doctors were unable to save his life, according to local media.

Police sealed off the area and their investigation revealed several empty bullet cases. One bullet was reportedly found lodged in a fridge outside of a local mini market.

According to local media, the victim’s death could have been an honour killing while it was reported that he married three months ago. 

Police are studying the video footage as part of their ongoing investigation.