Man Killing Cockroach With Lighter Sparks 34K GBP Blaze

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a bungling restaurant owner trying to kill cockroaches with a lighter and a can of bug spray accidentally lights himself and three cars on fire.

Mr Xiong, who owns the Chuan Xiang Lv eatery in the city of Shishi in East China’s Fujian Province, was closing his restaurant for the night and preparing to go home when he noticed cockroaches in his kitchen.

According to policeman Chen Yatian, with Fengli Police Station, Mr Xiong found his can of aerosol insect repellent “ineffective”, so he decided to burn the cockroaches alive instead.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Footage – dated 11th August – was released by the Shishi City Public Security Bureau this week.

It shows Mr Xiong killing cockroaches by his restaurant’s kitchen, near the pavement, spraying the parasites with streams of flames using his lighter and the bug repellent.

After several attempts, however, Mr Xiong accidentally ignites residue propane gas in his kitchen, causing an explosion of flames and a fireball which engulfs him and the parked cars beside him.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The liquid gas spreads onto the street, igniting all three parked cars, which sustained heavy fire damaged.

Officer Chen said Mr Xiong was the only person injured during the accident, which caused an estimated 311,400 RMB (34,215 GBP) in damage.

The authorities said they arrested Mr Xiong for causing the blaze, but the precise nature of his charges are unclear. He was also reportedly not seriously injured.

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