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Man Hearing Buzzing Noises Had Live Fly In Ear

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

A man who went to the hospital after hearing loud buzzing sounds was found to have a live fly inside his ear.

Farmer Recep Korkmaz, 66, from the District of Salihli Poyraz in the western Turkish province of Manisa, went to the hospital after the “whirring” sounds in his ear did not stop and he could not sleep all night.

Korkmaz said he had been collecting figs on the tree in his garden when he started to hear “buzzing” sounds in his ear.


Korkmaz said: “I heard a buzzing noise while collecting figs and took my hand to my ear. When I didn’t get anything, I kept picking figs and then I went home. A while after I got home, strange noises started to come from my ears. A relative in the neighbourhood said, “You go to a doctor. You may have an insect or something inside your ear. Do not neglect it.”

In the morning the man went to the Ear Nose Throat Polyclinic of a private hospital in the district, where doctor Doctor Muhammet Yeniay found the fly in a scan and extracted it from the patient’s ear.

Korkmaz added: “During the examination, I saw on the screen opposite me that there was a live fly in my ear, and I was most shocked. My doctor pulled a large fly out of my ear. Thank God, I was relieved when the fly came out.”


There is no further information about what was the fate of the fly and whether it was extracted alive.

The patient was able to go home that day.

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