Man Gives Paramedic COVID After Keeping Alps Trip Secret

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

This Russian paramedic has contracted COVID-19 from a bar owner who hid the fact that he had returned from a trip to the French alps days before.

Ilya Esterov owns the Duran Bar in the Russian capital Moscow and reportedly returned to the city on 10th March after a trip to the Courchevel resort in the French Alps with his wife Yana.

Several days later he reportedly began to feel ill and he went to a doctor who did not find any problems with his health and sent him back home.


Some days later his condition worsened and he called an ambulance to his house, with Viktoria Savchenkova the paramedic on-board.

Savchenkova later wrote on social media: “I went to the patient’s house and after suspected he had pneumonia, I sent him with the ambulance to the local hospital.”

Savchenkova says the bar owner did not tell her he had been abroad, only mentioning his trip to the doctor.


The paramedic said: “Three days after visiting him I got sick. He was confirmed to have COVID-19. He is in the hospital now. If not for the internet, I would have never known this man had been abroad.”

She says she found pictures on the bar owner’s Instagram page seeing him on holiday in the Alps.

Esterov’s wife Yana wrote on social media that her husband is in intensive care and his health condition was assessed as moderate. She said: “My father is in hospital too, they say he’s got VRI, the coronavirus test is not ready yet.

“We are sitting home with the kids and pray each day to not get sick and for the rest of the people to recover soon.”

She has since deleted her social media account.

The infected paramedic said that Yana did not even tell her they were abroad after she asked them if they were.

There are no updates on the condition of the bar owner or the paramedic and it is unclear the authorities will investigate the case.

There are 4,149 cases of COVID-19 in Russian with 34 deaths and 281 recovered, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

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