Man Finds Huge Spider Covered In Eggs At Work

Story By: Ernest Bio BogoreSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A company manager discovered this massive spider with numerous eggs all over it in his office.

The discovery took place in the premises of a company located in Montboucher-Sur-Jabron in the south-eastern French department of Drome on Monday 21st September at 3 pm.

French newspaper Dauphine Libere reports that firefighters specialised in animal rescue were mobilised on site. The animal was captured with extreme care in order to preserve all the eggs.

SDIS 26/Newsflash

The spider was identified as a wolf spider (Lycosidae). It probably arrived on site in goods from China, a country the company has dealings with.

According to initial findings, if it is a wolf spider that has a painful, but not fatal bite.

This species of spider made a name for itself in the Occitanie region when several classes in a school in Montpellier had to close their doors after being invaded by wolf spiders in October 2018.

SDIS 26/Newsflash

Wolf spiders are known to be agile and excellent hunters. They carry their egg sacs on their body. They are distinguishable by their eight eyes because two of them are larger than the other six and are prominently situated above the rest.

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