Man Filmed Driving From Passenger Seat Faces Charges

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@kuyawanako.oi

This is the moment a brazen driver operates his car from the passenger seat while casually smoking a cigarette and the clip has landed him in hot water after it was posted on social media.

The bizarre scenes were recorded in the capital city of Manila, in the northern Philippines and were uploaded to social media by a user named ‘Miko Lopez’.

In the video a man, identified only by the surname Lopez, can be seen driving the car whilst in the passenger seat, with hands on the steering wheel and his left foot on the pedals. It is unclear if the ‘Lopez’ reportedly in the car is the same ‘Lopez’ that uploaded the video.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The brazen driver pulls up in a traffic jam and even lights a cigarette before leaning over to honk the horn as his friends in the back of the car laugh.

Local media report that the local Department of Transportation caught wind of the video after it was posted online and he was called for a hearing, which he failed to attend.

The authorities said Lopez will be charged with illegally modifying his car, failing to wear a seat belt and driving recklessly.

Francis Almora, who is the Director of the law enforcement department o the Land Transportation Office, said Lopez could have his driving licence permanently revoked.

It is unclear if the charges have been brought against Lopez yet.

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