Man Falls Off Back Of Pickup Truck On Busy Road

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Video Credit: CEN/@CBuddah G87

This is the moment a man sitting in the back of a turning pickup truck loses his balance and falls hard on his back onto a busy road.

The startling incident occurred in the city of Durban, the largest city in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal and was recorded by the dashboard camera of a driver travelling behind the pickup truck.

In the video, three men can be seen sitting in the back of the Hyundai pickup truck as it turns down a slip lane onto a main road.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

One of the men, who has not been named in reports, loses his balance as the driver turns onto the main road and falls backwards off the truck.

The man lands on the small of his back and is sent rolling into the main road. Fortunately a van which was passing through the lane he rolled into managed to slow down and avoid him.

He can be seen sitting on the tarmac as the driver recording stops to ask if he is okay.

The driver of the pickup truck pulls over and men in high visibility jackets can be seen walking towards the fallen man.

It is unclear if the man was injured in the incident.

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