Man Drives Pals 3-Hour-Old Maserati Into Swamp

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This is the moment a man drives his colleague’s brand new Maserati into a swamp while taking a corner at a high speed just three hours after his pal bought the new motor.

The incident took place on Qiao Island, in Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province, southeastern China.

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In the dashcam footage, the car, which belongs to a Mr Li, can be seen being driven at high speed by his work colleague on an empty road.

The driver then starts to take a sharp corner apparently without slowing down and ends up driving straight into a swamp.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

According to local media, Mr Li, who works for a software company, had bought the Maserati three hours earlier and was so chuffed he drove to his workplace to show it off to his colleagues.

The Zhuhai traffic police say that Mr Li’s colleague, Mr Liang, was curious about driving the fancy car and Mr Li invited Mr Liang and two other colleagues to take the car for a test drive.

Pictures Credit:AsiaWire

After the crash, four people, including Mr Li and Mr Liang, swam to a small island in the swamp until traffic police officers and firefighters arrived and rescued all of them. 

The Maserati, however, had to stay in the water overnight because there was a typhoon forecast and a crane was not allowed to tow the car.

When traffic police asked Mr Li to take a breathalyser test, he reportedly sighed and pointed at Mr Liang saying: “It was him who was driving my car. I just picked up that car, it’s only been three hours”

The damage is estimated at 150,000 RMB (17,000 GBP).

A user on the Chinese microblogging website, Weibo, named ‘Irene’ commented on the incident saying: “His colleague must have been jealous and ruined his car on purpose. How come he didn’t brake at all?”

‘Ting Chunyu’ also commented: “The most short-lived Maserati in the world.”

‘Mengdaogou’ then noted: “It’s normal, people always want to wash the new car, right?”

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